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We find the most interesting Movie Memorabilia For Sale. Here are the best deals we found for 1966 BATMAN COWL GLOVES TRUNKS VINTAGE AGED PROPS LOOK for sale on the Internet.

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Hello bidders and Batman fans! Up for auction today is this unprecidented collection of 1966 Adam West Batman replica costume props. The difference with this auction is that the pieces in this collection have been aged over time and look as the original '66 costume pieces would look today! The winning bidder will receive: A) 1966 Batman cowl produced by the renowned Williams Studios. Fine hand-crafted detailing, fiberglass shell taken from a mold of the original cowl shell...the absolute best replica there is. Covered in vintage 60's stretch satin material, the same used on the original. Professionally custom dyed to exact original shade. Hand painted detailing on front of cowl finish this masterpiece. Small hairline crack in black paint over the left eye. B) One pair of bat-gloves. These gloves are made to the exact size (8 1/2") that Adam West wore on the classic series, and are made from the same material as the cowl, with leather palms. The gloves, as you can see in the pictures provided have the same aged color that the cowl does. The gloves were made by a Hollywood leading professional, Dorothy Gaspar, who recently aquired the original patterns for the gloves a few years ago when she purchased Hammer Gloves, the makers of the original pair. C) One pair of Bat-Trunks in the same material as the cowl and gloves. Elastic waist band and around leg openings. Aged the same shade as the gloves as cowl, with the correct true blue band at the top where the utility belt would rest. I can provide additional pictures of an original pair of screen worn trunks for comparison as well if needed. D) IN ADDITION.....you are ALSO bidding on a SUPER RARE remnant of VINTAGE ORIGINAL 1960's MATERIAL that was used to create all of these pieces, dyed in the original matching blue, prior to the color shift. This is the same exact fabric that was used to create the original costume pieces in 1966! Please refer to picture #10. In it, you can see the gloves and trunks with the material to realize what a HUGE piece of material it is. Measures 62 3/4" x 35" at their widest points. As seen, there were two cut-outs made from it, but I believe there is enough of the material to easily make another pair of gloves or trunks. All pieces are an exact match in material and original dye bath color, as the original suit was designed. YOU NEVER, EVER SEE THEM ALL TOGETHER IN ONE AUCTION. Picture #7 shows to the left, the cowl you will be receiving. The deeper blue cowl to the right is shown to compare the color-shifted cowl to a different Williams cowl, and is for reference only. The purple/berry colored cowl is the only one you are bidding on. The last picture provided is an actual screen-used Batman cowl, worn by Adam West in the television series, and is being used as reference to show the degree of fading and color shift in the original cowl. Because of the difference in lighting and flash, the original cowl looks a bit more berry, but the colors are similar in person. If you are the type of collector that cannot afford the tens of thousands needed to own an original costume piece, then this auction is for you! You will not get closer to owning an original than this....and the best part is that you will have the MATCHING GLOVES AND TRUNKS as well! Note: Williams Studios Cowls are the finest out there and sell for $1,200+. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns. Insurance and delivery confirmation (in the US) will be required for these items. Thank you. Reduced reserve, so Good luck and happy bidding!


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